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Sep 23, 2012 6:30pm EDT
the sunny sunday, s visitorsod changed a heard the news. we came up to the pan that about thehey told us all felt bad about it. that is that. we came up to the panda area and they told us about the baby. you want your babies to be as they come out. hopefully she will be able to have another one. right now officials are is ok sure the mother physically and a version the lead. they are trying to determine the baby to die. in the meantime, the panda house is closed. e zoo is in a very is in a sense of loss. very emotional and diving. -- and sadening. the younger brother of killed overnight motorcycle accident. kevin jones died after his crashed into a pole in westmoreland county, northeastern virginia. unclear whether or not buth would play tonight, he has takenarned the field to warm up with his team. is not clear if he will be play against the patriots. that is up to the coaches. a virginia woman is behind accused of abandoning her younger daughter in the woods. authorities say she let her daughter in a swampy area. s only three days-one week was found by a person walking in the woods. she is
Sep 30, 2012 6:30pm EDT
in this weekend's plane crash -- they father and son. >> the national transportation s investigating the plane crash that killed john morton and his 13-year-old son. investigators are at the scene crash were the wreckage was just removed. this is still a very active seen. picking thes are apart piece by piece. this was a horrific crash, but been worse. it landed just yards from this mobile home. questions tonight as to why this happened. downed plane is now cut into pieces. are moving the wreckage elsewhere in hopes of what caused this deadly crash. >> it's horrible. i can't believe it. the 48-year-old man and his when the single- engine cessna crashed. kevin morgan was just arriving home. we pulled the door out and can and triedl we check for signs. >> neighbors say he was an military commercial mechanic and conducting takeoffs at the nearby his son on board. i don't know if the boy was orarn how to pilot doing or what. looking at all of the surfaces, power plants, engines, anything we can collect. many here saw an unusual flight pattern and suspect engine failure. it went up in the air steep
Sep 2, 2012 6:30pm EDT
and expected tos are overnight hours. temperatures will fall into the '60s it to middle seventies. for the bigexpect day holiday and the amount? full details coming in just a few minutes. >> thank you. it the founder of the church and owner of "washington times" has away in south korea. sun myung moon passed away due to complications of pneumonia. for his anti- stance. unification church has followers the world and gained many after decades ago holding mass weddings for people at a time. the waorf man charged in the death of a activist has struck a peace deal. -- struck a plea deal. the man's body was found in the washington, after missing a year ago. deal,hange for the plea dropped first three murder and kidnapping charges. a man now accused of a crime is same man that came at some notoriety credited for saving a life. we have that story you will only on 7. neighbors are adamant that not sound like a man they know so well. they held a get together to as a hero. he was lying on his side, his eyes facing up. this is the man who performed save a man's life. its the first time i had
Sep 16, 2012 6:30pm EDT
says the afghan government needs to take the problem as serious as the u.s. and nato commanders are doing. this comes after four u.s. troops and others were killed in separate insider attacks by afghan police. >> staying in the middle east and the reaction of the anti-is from video. the leader of his plot is calling for protests. -- leader of hezbollah is calling for protests. he called for an international agreement, making it illegal to attack any defined religion. turning to israel where prime minister benjamin netanyahu reached out to voters today saying he hopes they will let the president will be tough on iran. >> it is important to place the red line on them. i think it reduces the chairman of military conflict. if they know there is a stage in the nuclear activity they cannot cross because they will based consequences, i think it was actually not cross it. >> he says the claim that the nuclear program is for people purposes is like saying timothy mcveigh used fertilizer to make a bomb to make his garden grow. >> a pilot was killed this morning when his ultralight plane t
Sep 9, 2012 6:30pm EDT
. this will slowly move in our direction and by midweek, our temperatures will be back into the lower and middle '80s. compared to yesterday at this time when we have a cold front that moved through, we are 10 degrees warmer. we lost about 25 degrees and the matter of one hour yesterday as a cold front charged off toward the east. you can see it is now well offshore. that influence their day for today, tomorrow and for the week. it looks like our next best chance of showers will, until the end of the upcoming weekend. these guys are beginning to clear to the rest of us -- to the west of us. plenty of sunshine for the next 40 minutes or so. look for mainly clear skies overnight. temperatures in the '50s. we could see forties' out to the west. warming up nicely in that afternoon. a repeat performance on tuesday. starting: ending the day on a nice, warm note. a wide spread and temperatures with winds of the northwest. tomorrow looks absolutely wonderful. 77 to 82 degrees. the extended outlook calls for highs in the '80s for the upcoming week. nighttime lows from the '50s to the lower 60s
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5